Silk Care Guide

Silk is an ancient fabric and still one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It is different from more common fabrics such as cotton or polyester, and as such will need to be cared for differently. All of our camis are made from 100% high quality silk and are designed to last. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you ensure your silk cami stays in tip-top shape. 


How do I wash my silk cami? 

There are 3 ways to wash your silk cami. Dry cleaning, washing machine, and hand washing. 


  • Dry Clean (Recommended): make sure to double check with your dry cleaner to make sure they know how to clean silk properly (some chemicals used in dry cleaning can potentially damage silk fibers).


  • Hand Wash (Recommended): flip the garment inside out, remove the bra cups, and use cold water. First soak the garment, then plunge the garment up and down in the water to wash away dirt. Do not scrub too vigorously. You don't need to use detergent, but if you do, make sure to use gentle detergent meant for washing delicates and silk. 


  • Machine Wash: flip the garment inside out, remove the bra cups, place garment inside mesh laundry bag, use cold water, and choose the gentle/delicate cycle. If possible, use gentle detergent meant for washing delicates and silk. Do not use bleach. 



Can I dry my silk cami in a dryer? 

We do not recommend that you use a tumble dryer to dry your cami. The high heat can damage silk. 

Instead, we recommend hanging up your cami to dry. Flip the cami inside out, squeeze out any remaining water from the elastic inner jersey, and hang it up to dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Like any fabric, silk will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. 



Can I use bleach on my silk cami to get rid stains? 

NO! Bleach and other harsh chemicals will damage silk. 



How do I get rid of wrinkles on my cami? 

We recommend using a garment steamer. Just hang up your cami and use the steam to easily get rid of wrinkles. 

We do not recommend using an iron as high heat can damage silk. If you absolutely have to use an iron, make sure to use the lowest temperature possible. Put a cloth between the iron and the cami to help reduce the temperature on the silk. Do not spray the silk with any water or other liquids as these may cause stains. 

We also do not recommend using any chemical wrinkle removers as these chemicals could potentially damage the silk fibers. 



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