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About Us

We believe you should always be comfortable in your own clothing. Women have spent too long and too much money on clothing that look good on the outside, but are horribly uncomfortable on the inside. At BL.TOPS, we are creating new, innovative pieces for women that not only look beautiful, but are so comfortable that you never want to take them off.


We make it our mission to get rid of uncomfortable clothing. No woman should be forced to sacrifice comfort in order to look good.

That's why all of our pieces are designed first and foremost with comfort in mind. We only use the softest fabrics that we can find and every detail is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort without sacrificing style.

BL.TOPS About Us
BL.TOPS About Us


We are problem-solvers at heart, and your wardrobe challenges are our inspiration.

Whether it's the need for better coverage, support, or just getting rid of unsightly bra straps, we are constantly innovating to find new, creative solutions that solve your everyday wardrobe problems.


Your life is busy and you have enough things to balance as is. Your wardrobe should complement your lifestyle, not make life more difficult.

We believe you should never have to compromise comfort, convenience, or time in order to look good. That's why every single piece we create seeks to avoid common clothing problems and maximize the amount time and effort you spend on the things you want to accomplish in life. 

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