Our Story

BL.TOPS our story

It all started when …

A professional woman struggled with finding the perfect bra to wear underneath her camisoles with spaghetti straps.

Wearing a regular bra leaves bra straps exposed.

Not a huge fan of strapless bras or adhesives, which were either uncomfortable or really expensive, she was forced to choose between comfort and style every time she wore her camisoles.

BL.TOPS our story
BL.TOPS our story

Then one day, as she was working out in the gym in her sports bra tank with built-in bra cups, she thought, “what if I could sew bra cups directly onto my silk camisoles, just like my sports bra tank, so I don’t have to deal with bra straps?”

Excited by this idea, she immediately went home, cut off the bra layer from one of her sports tank tops, and sewed it to a silk camisole.

After trying it on, she realized that this improved camisole solved the issues that she had with exposed bra straps without compromising style or comfort.

BL.TOPS was born. 

BL.TOPS our story
BL.TOPS our story

Today, we are launching the world’s first luxury silk camisole with built-in support.

Our patented design features a body-hugging, supportive built-in bra layer on the inside and a loose-fit look from the outside. No hardware, no nonsense.

All of our products are made in the USA at women-owned factories.